The Intelligent Data PlatformTM

From Data to Outcomes

Built to ingest any data from any source to deliver any outcome.


Time to deploy and time to value


Built on open-source solutions, avoiding vendor lock in while allowing swap in


Business has the choice of what and where they deploy the platform (Hybrid)


Designed from the ground-up as integrated blocks of capabilities


Incorporates machine learning and artificial intelligence components
iMonitor UK Limited
iMonitor UK Limited

Why iMonitor

Only 30% of business data is analysed and used to make important business decisions. iMonitor has developed an Intelligent Data Platform that collects and analyses data no matter the source to create business insights/outcomes regardless of industry. Data is our passion. Make it your advantage.

At iMonitor, we believe in creating trust with our clients. We accomplish this through our tried and tested methodology. It showcases our skills, knowledge and understanding of our customers industry and allows us to build long and and successful partnerships that delivers increasing value over time

Anthony NarteyFounder & CEO

The Intelligent Data Platform

Built to scale and evolve with your organisation, iMonitors modular platform and customisable solutions are created to
continuously provide successful data-driven outcomes across your organisation.

iMonitor UK Limited

Data and service management
transformation in hybrid cloud environments

Transformation and modernisation —
meeting today’s business challenges

Trust and compliance within
your supply chain

Common operational picture—providing business insights


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Our Partner Ecosystem

Bringing best of breed partners together to deliver increased business value

iMonitor UK Limited
iMonitor UK Limited
iMonitor UK Limited
iMonitor UK Limited
iMonitor UK Limited
iMonitor UK Limited
iMonitor UK Limited
iMonitor UK Limited
iMonitor UK Limited
iMonitor UK Limited