Common Operational Picture, Providing Business Insights

Business Challenge

Enterprise customer whose environment consists of many different systems and data points; from traditional IT and cyber systems to Operational Technology, IoT devices, GPS, weather, wearables and social media analysis.
Primary concern around cyberthreats with the need to take a different cyber posture, creating a set of differing baselines for different platforms, along with the need to adhere to industry regulations and compliance.


Leverage a solution that joins data together through ingesting from IoT, wearables, existing systems, and API’s communicating with the computer-controlled mechanical devices.
With this combined view of the data, a set of dashboards were developed which enabled personnel from within different roles and lines of business to quickly see the data relevant to their job and understand how data from other parts of the enterprise had a bearing on their primary focus.
With the ability to combine data from across the enterprise, the iMonitor AI/Cyber Ops capability enabled the identification of unusual behaviour helping to identify potential cyberthreats at the same time as improving the overall experience for the enterprise end-users.
The iMonitor solution’s third-party integration to external systems improves the insight necessary for a smooth operation of the business.

Business Benefits

    • Increase visibility across IT, Cyber Security, and Operational Technology infrastructure joining together stovepipes of information, some of which were not visible/available​.
    • Business executives have access to a rich common operational picture enabling rapid decision making and providing assurance of decisions made​
    • Operations team have access to a single dashboard, removing the need to consult multiple systems for ongoing operations and reducing the time to drive a decision​
    • Improve overall user experience through improved communications with their customers with targeted offerings​
    • Enable access to facilities data through manufactures API’s which was previously obscured
    • Help the executive team make meaningful decisions resulting in improved bottom line revenue

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