Data and service management transformation in hybrid cloud environments

Business Challenge

Hybrid cloud environment with a monitoring solution unable to identify some alarms and events from traditional and IoT systems. Monitoring system was not hybrid cloud ready thereby causing serious business affecting outages.​
Lack of visibility and knowledge of endpoints led to service level agreements being breached and regulatory fines imposed.


Enhanced the customers’ event management solution to include missing alarms and provided visibility into non-IT devices via ThingStream. This new approach provides business insight and visibility of the Information Technology and Operational Technology events and alarms.
Where data was not physically connected, iMonitor developed a solution to process metric data from geographically remote offline sites. This data is uploaded in a timely manner to create cyclic reports of various KPIs.​
Alarm data and resolutions from the iMonitor platform are used to create automated tickets in ServiceNow which are updated through a two-way REST API.

Business Benefits

      • True hybrid cloud service management solution with full integration to a cloud-based instance of ServiceNow, both of which process data from a wide range of endpoints​
      • Reduce risk of breaching SLAs’ due to access to current data and lower mean time to determination and faster mean time to resolution​
      • Integrated data (on and offline) provides clearer visibility and management across the entire business through a common operational picture

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