IT Operations

We modernise and manage complex IT operations utilising AiOps, preventing outages and increasing availability, agility and speed.

iMonitor have a goal to empower organisations to evolve to a more proactive approach to their IT Operations and NOC environments, allowing them to predict, diagnose, and remediate incidents faster than ever.

Prevent outages before they occur

Help increase efficiencies and reduce costs significantly by preventing incidents

Identify route cause issues and remediate at speed

Reduce alert volumes to allow focus on priority incidents

Connect the dots of your event management

Create Insightful and Actionable Smart Data

Less than 3% of incidents are found before affecting users



of mobile users abandon session if longer than 3 seconds to load



of users will not return after a negative experience


Root cause

of customers expect online help resolution within 5 minutes

Our aim is to remove the reactionary policies of organisations in favour of a more proactive approach to their IT Operations infrastructure.

Are you ready?

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