Transformation and Modernisation – Meeting Today’s Business Challenges

Business Challenge

A well-established organisation with a large legacy estate. Experienced issues around technical knowledge and support churn, leading to operational and compliance challenges​.


In support of the company’s Digital Transformation Roadmap with a Cloud-First direction, iMonitor was able to drive thought leadership around AIOps adoption and their journey to the Cloud. This journey was supported by iMonitor’s expert knowledge of legacy solutions, Cloud, and data.
This helped the client recognise the gaps they had, visualise and understand a roadmap to addressing their compliance challenges.
iMonitor was also able to help drive technology change within the client’s environment, transforming legacy solutions to the cloud equivalent.

Business Benefits

    • Remove redundant software solutions directly saving operational costs to the client​
    • Provide expert services to maintain and update legacy technology for remaining solutions within the clients environment​
    • Help the client migrate solutions to the Cloud enabling them to benefit from higher reliability, continuous updates, reduction in down time and adherence to regulatory compliance​​

Data and service management transformation in hybrid cloud environments

Trust and compliance within
your supply chain