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We utilise best of breed artificial intelligence (AI) tools to provide a predictive analytics based solution that is revolutionising the art of enterprise service management.

We have industry-leading consultancy and remote support expertise in the best-of-breed ITSM solutions.

iMonitor UK Limited

AIOps is emerging as a methodology that allows organisations to take a more disciplined approach whilst taking advantage of leading edge technology to ensure a faster and more efficient approach to infrastructure monitoring and management.

Automation rules seem narrow in scope and are no longer efficient taking into account the complexity of the modern IT environments.

Some examples below showcase how artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities are being deployed to deliver different types of valuable and quantifiable business outcomes.

AIOps is a valuable addition to a strong security management posture. Heuristics and algorithms can mine traffic data for botnets, scripts or other threats that can take out a network. Especially when these threats are complex, multi-vector and layered, machine learning can expose patterns that can undermine business service availability.

Infrastructure teams are faced with floods of alerts, and yet, there is only a handful that really matters. AIOps can mine these alerts, use inference models to group them together and identify upstream root-cause issues that are at the core of the problem. It transforms an overloaded inbox of alert emails into one or two notifications that really matter.

After root-cause alerts and issues are identified, IT ops teams use intelligence to automatically notify subject matter experts or teams of incidents for faster remediation. Artificial intelligence can act like a routing system, immediately setting the remediation workflow in motion before a human being ever gets involved.

This can also include predictive capacity planning and refers to the use of statistical analysis or AI-based analytics to optimise application availability and workloads across infrastructure. These analytics can proactively monitor raw utilisation, bandwidth, CPU, memory and more, and help increase overall application uptime.

AiOps is being utilised as an end to end bridge between ITSM and IT operations management tools. In the past ITSM teams have spent vast amounts of time sifting through large amounts of data in order to perform a root cause analysis of any given event. AiOps can rapidly see patterns that may be relevant in identifying a root cause of a problem within the infrastructure and will then provide an alert to the ITSM team through different API integrations.