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The Intelligent Data Platform

Creating insightful and actionable smart data from any source, increasing efficiencies, reducing costs and ensuring compliance, regardless of industry or infrastructure.

The 5 Principles



Time to deploy and time to value



Built on open-source solutions, avoiding vendor lock in while allowing swap in

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Business has the choice of what and where they deploy the platform (Hybrid)

iMonitor UK Limited


Designed from the ground-up as integrated blocks of capabilities to provide a high level of interchangeability between components while complementing existing solutions

iMonitor UK Limited


ncorporates machine learning and artificial intelligence components tuned to each specific use case and deployment, including runbook functionality. Is secure, managed and supported

Driving successful data driven outcomes

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3 Intelligent Components

The Intelligent Data Platform can ingest data from any source be it structured or unstructured.
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Collection capabilities spanning not only IT infrastructure and Operational Technologies (OT) but anything that can create an event or alarm.
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The rapid analysis of information using the Intelligent Data Platform is achieved using machine learning algorithms and modelling specifically tailored for your industry. With only 0.05% of data actually being used by business, finding the needle in the haystack is key!
iMonitor UK Limited

Gain Actionable Insights

We are driving better business outcomes by making your data work for your business. From IT to OT to Line of Business to enhancing customer experience, data is being used for process improvement, and to invoke predictive maintenance as well supply chain management and compliance.